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Lies My Teacher Told Me About Christopher Columbus

 Lies My Teacher Told Me About Christopher Columbus

Poster and booklet. By James W. Loewen. 2006; updated 2014.
Graphic corrective to the traditional textbook narratives about Columbus.



Colonization: 1492 – 1764, Native American


Colonization: 1492 – 1764, Slavery and Resistance



The videos mentioned in this section are included for the potential interest of readers, educators and campaigners. The inclusion of a video does not necessarily imply endorsement or agreement with it’s depictions.


  1. Molasses to Rum to Slaves is a song from Act two Scene seven of the 1972 Musical “1776”, set in an early meeting of the second Continental Congress of the 13 rebel colonies that became the USA. It is a song which highlights the Slave trading between the West Coast of Africa, New England and The Caribbean. https://youtu.be/IeuaTpH6Ck0



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