History of the Mayflower

The history of the Mayflower does not start when it cast off from Plymouth, and doesn’t end with the ship’s arrival in America.

This page holds information about the history of the Mayflower and American settlements. For information about the campaign to have the Mayflower story told fully, see the Information and Resources page.

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A brief selective timeline of events surrounding the Mayflower voyage and the colonization of America.

1: 1450 – 1700    2: 1700 – 2018


Discussing issues related to the events surrounding the Mayflower voyage.

Sanitizing History and telling a collonial narrative version of the Mayflower Story

New England Colonies and the British Caribbean slave colonies

New England and ‘the swarming of the English’

Settler Colonialism Post Seventeenth Century

The Mayflower Compact

Sir John Hawkins – Father of the English Slave Trade

Doctrine of Discovery

Selective History

The Mayflower Museum

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