Racism and property law book

Bhandar, B. (2018) Colonial Lives of Property: Law, Land, and Racial Regimes of Ownership, Duke University Press

Modern property laws defined according to particular types of cultivation and use emerged in conjunction with racial thinking that relegated indigenous people to the margins of civility and deprived them of the status required to be owners of their land. Bhandar (2018) p.113


Status… gave rise to recognizable property interests… and intangible entitlements….The transmissibility of status through biological inheritance was articulated through the racial and gender schemas germane to the colonial appropriation of indigenous lands and… slavery…Bhandar (2018) p.156/7


There cannot be a history of private property law … in early modern England that is not at the same time a history of land appropriation in Ireland, the Caribbean, North America and beyond. Bhandar (2018) p.3

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